Matsumura Kenpo Dojo Kun as authored by
Kuda Yuichi No Tanmei 
(10 Oct. 1928 – 27 April 1999)


Those who practice Karate must always be polite and not be selfish.

Of course behave properly towards Senseis and Seniors, but also towards colleagues and juniors.

When training in Kata or Kumite, always bow in the beginning and at the end.

Kata is the base of Karate. Do not rush to a hasty conclusion. Train hard and study the Kata and the Kumite.

Waza (technique) will be ever changing, so you must give a spirited effort and strive to advance your own abilities.

When you train, you must concentrate your mind for making the waza, faster, stronger, and more correct, but do not become emotional (excited).

Do not lose the concentration of your mind and effort. Keep learning and studying the main thread of Karate. Karate training has no limits.

Always conduct yourself correctly, and always swallow your hot blood (temper).

Those who train Karate should not be conceited. It leads to easy falls and loss of correct thinking. If you become conceited, you should be conscious that progress of techniques and personal virtue will be lost. You must keep a beginner’s fresh spirit forever.

Karate is a way to discipline both the mind and body, and to keep humanitarianism for a complete character to build a great person.

The way of Karate is Budo (Martial Art). You cannot achieve the culmination of it without training properly according to these directions.

To master the way is not a race against others. Race against yourself.